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autor: mr.nop
śr cze 07, 2017 3:13 am
Forum: Software
Temat: Spyders C64 Game
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Odsłony: 1948

Spyders C64 Game

This was to be a multi-file PET game with each level being able to be loaded independently of one another. I decided to write it on the C64 first and then port it over to the PET later. Future chapters (scenarios) may be released in the future.
autor: mr.nop
ndz lut 14, 2016 7:11 am
Forum: Software
Temat: Slime for Commodore 64
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Slime for Commodore 64

Based on an original game by Jim Summers on the Commodore PET, Mr. NOP is proud to present to you SLIME for the Commodore 64. Featuring 1 or 2 players, high score saver, joystick or keyboard controls, in-game music by Richard Bayliss and some pretty neat sound effects.

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